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Our Team has designed a Curriculum which aims at creating future Class 1 Officers armed with depth of Character, breadth of Vision and requisite Skills.

We Believe it is not how much we do that counts, it's how well we do it that really matters.

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Study Material For CSE
Foundation Course For Undergraduates

The Purpose of this Module is to lay a solid Foundation for School Students and Undergraduates in order to develop their Capabilities to become a Civil Servant.

To provide adequate exposure to them in order to provide an indepth insight about India and the World.

To channelise their Energies towards a Result Oriented Career Pursuit.

Study Material For CSE
Course For Graduates

The required indepth knowledge about various Social,Developmental & Security issues of our Nation and the World has been incorporated in the Curriculum

It will be of immense help in developing the required mindset essential for those Candidates who will be able to qualify and who will then hold senior Leadership Position in one of our esteemed Government Organisations in the near Future.

The Principles of Training Need Analysis is widely utilized by our Organisational Administration and the Curriculum is planned according to the present functional needs of the Competitive Examination.

We are also providing Test Series for different Subjects which will make the Student understand his weaknesses in each Subject so that he can take Remedial Measures accordingly and thus enhance his/her chances to Qualify in the Examination.

Winner's Strategy

The Required Traits for a Candidate to succeed in the Civil Services Examination can be Summarised as:

  • The Candidate's ability to Possess Quality Knowledge Points for various Topics which should be different from the Knowledge Points of His/Her Competitor,

  • Capacity to write an Analytical and Imaginative Answer in an impressive Style,

  • Formulate and Present His/Her Answer in the most Direct, Logical, Constructive and Analytical Manner highlighting the Central and Salient Points and,

  • Possession of a highly Positive, Cheerful, Optimistic and Balanced Outlook towards Life for obtaining high Marks in the Personality Test.

  • Only the Right K-S-P (Knowledge - Skills - Personality) will make you a Civil Servant.
Keeping in mind the above Requirements as the Criteria for Selection, we have designed the Modules in such a manner that it would bring out the best in the Candidates who are Enrolled with Us.

  • We guide every enrolled Aspirant about the Skills of Answer Writing and how to gain higher Marks through their Answering Skills.

  • We start developing the Personality of every Enrolled Aspirant right from the time He/She gets enrolled in any of the SCC PVT LTD Courses so that the Enrolled Aspirant is able to get higher Marks in the Interview.

This is why We suggest that our Modules are Engineered by the Specialists and Run by Professionals.

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