The Interview is the last hurdle in your Path for successful Qualification in the UPSC Examination but it is also one of the Prime Determinant between Success & Failure. It also plays a significant role in finalising the Position of a Successfull Candidate in the Final Merit List.

The UPSC Interview Panel usually assesses the Personality Traits of the Interviewee and compares it with the traits required in the performance of the job of Class I Officer in the Government Organisations.

Some of the important traits which may be assessed are integrity, honesty, truthfulness,courage, communication skills, outward and inward Personality, clarity of thought and expression, hobby( as mentioned by the Candidate in his/her detailed application form), attitude in stressful situations etc.

The test is aimed at to judge "the personal suitability of a Candidate, particularly his mental alertness, critical power of assimillation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgement, variety and depth of interest and for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity" (Kothari Committee Report).

Candidate is asked questions on his Biodata (including extra-curricular activities, prizes, medals and scholarships won, hobbies, sports, jobs held,If any, knowledge of the state to which he belongs to etc.)

The Candidate should prepare for the interview well in advance and should fill his detailed application form (provided by the Examination Body after the written examination to the successfull Candidates) accordingly.

He/She should devote time to have an indepth nowledge about his/her hobby and should also develop Pros and Cons about Contemporary Issues of National & International Importance.The views developed should not be Biased and at the same time should be Balanced. He/She should involve himself/herself in Mock Interviews in their free time well in advance.Candidates should also develop their Balanced views on issues related to Present Day Developments.

Candidates should also be well Conversant about the Social Etiquettes and Manners which is a Prime Requirement of the Job. We would be arranging a minimum of three Mock Interview Sittings for those Enrolled Members who are selected for the CS Interview. After the Mock Sittings, a Candidate is given a fair and candid Assessment of his Performance indicating his strength and weaknesses with suggestions for Improvement.

The Purpose of our Organisation is to enhance the Presentation Skills of the Candidates. Hence, we would be focusing more on the Presentation Techniques and pointing out the discrepencies in this Regard.Furthermore, by ensuring interaction with Relevant Personalities, we would try to enhance your confidence and prevent you from making common mistakes which may prove detrimental in the UPSC Interview.