The Course Material is in a form of a USB. The entire Study Material (Consisting of Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History, Modern Indian History, World History,Clture & Heritage Geography, Polity, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Aptitude, Reasoning, Current Affairs, and other relevant Subjects/Topics of the CSAT & CSE Mains General Studies Papers will be dispatched in four lots (One Folder in every 03 Months).

Please Note: The Course Material is available in English language only.

The Digital mode has been strategically preferred by our Organisation keeping in mind the fact that the Enrolled Member should get continuous Updated Material at all times which is difficult if the Study Material is provided in the Printed Format.

Secondly, the Topics are designed in such a way that the Complex Concepts are easily understood by the Aspirant through powerful Digital Tools like Audio-Video Presentations, lengthy Pdf Files related to full text of the original Bare Acts etc.

Thirdly, the ease of carrying the Reading Material in USB overcomes the constraint of Working Candidates and also of those Candidates who reside in far flung areas to study at their own Time Availability.

The Reading Material supplied to the Candidate is meant for the Private use of the Candidate only. It shall not be lent, copied, typed, sold or shared otherwise by Her/Him or allow others to GAIN ADVANTAGE OVER OUR ENROLLED CANDIDATE by using the Study Material to gain higher Marks as compared to our Enrolled Members in the Examination.

Therefore, in order to prevent E-piracy, the USB will have certain Security features (Features of copy,print,share,use on LAN and similar infrastructure will not be available).

In case of System Damage/Hardware damage of that particular Computer system at any time in the Future once the USB has been used, the Enrolled Candidate will have to enroll afresh as a new member and in that case only 50% of the original Course Fee will be charged separately.

It is Pertinent to clarify that such additional security features incur additional cost to our Organisation but as it is advantageous to our Enrolled Members, we have added the Security Features in the USB WHICH WILL ENSURE that the sharing of our Course Material will be of no use to Others as in the event of their passing the Written exam, they cannot avail the Personal Councelling related to the Interview because of their non-enrollment with us.

Lastly,the cost of the Course may be insignificant in the longer run if you are able to Qualify the Examination and become a Class 1 officer in one of the esteemed Government Organisations.

It may please be noted by the Candidate that the Training Package is self explanatory and exhaustive in its own Respect,therefore,our Organisation will not entertain any further request for assistance in respect of requirements of other Publications or Books or for any further conceptual clarity on any topic of the Course Material provided by the Organisation.

At the same time we would like to ensure you that our Modules will provide you reasonable coverage of the syllabus of the Examination.An indepth study of our modules may enhance your chances of Qualifying the Written Examination failure of which will result in supply of new and updated USB for the next Year Examination,FREE OF COST, if required and requested by you within 20 days of publication of the Result by the UPSC of that particular Examination.

Lastly,we wish to clarify at the Outset that we have put in painstacking efforts while compiling the Course Inputs, still it may be treated as Reference Material. In case of any doubt about any discrepency/authenticity of any data available in the Course Material, Original/Standard books may be consulted. Our organisation will in no way be held responsible for such disputes which may arise in case of issues related to authenticity of Material and no Civil or Criminal Claim should lie against our Organisation.

Please also read the disclaimer available on disclaimer link of this website.

Interview Schedule: The Programme will be for a duration of three mock sessions, which will comprise of total 90 minutes duration.In the third mock session, the enrolled member will be provided with inputs related to his weaknesses assessed/observed by the interviewing authority of our Organisation.

The venue and date will be intimated to eligible enrolled members who have received the interview call from the UPSC for that particular Examination for which he has enrolled himself with us in that particular Year.The enrolled member will ensure his/her own boarding/lodging Arrangements.

No additional interview fee will be charged from the Enrolled Members who will be appearing in our Mock Sessions.


The purpose of this Module is to lay a solid foundation for school going Students/Undergraduates in order to develop their capabilities to become a Civil Servant

To provide adequate exposure over a two year time frame to School Students/Undergraduates in order to provide indepth insight about India and the World.

To channelise the energies of School Students towards a result oriented Career Pursuit

To develop their understanding about the Complex Social Issues and National integration

The material is divided into four Modules:

1st Module: Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

2nd Module: Polity, Geography & Economy

3rd Module: Ancient Indian History & Medieval Indian History

4th Module: Modern Indian History, Indian Culture & World History (From 19th century onwards)

20 Years Questions of previous Civil Services Question Paper (For each Subject) with assesment tool will be provided in Digital Quiz Format.

Each Module is provided every six Months.

The entire material is self explanatary, therefore, no support is provided in any form to the Enrolled Student. The intention behind this policy is to enable the Student to develop his own viewpoint on each topic by consulting the concerned reference material on his own initiative.

Apart from developing his/her self confidence through self preparation, it also helps in developing a tendency of believing in himself/herself. This is the precise reason why this Module is termed as the Foundation Course.

For Fee and Demo related Queries related to the Foundation Course enrollment, Shri Manoj Dwivedi (+917389702539),Director, SCC Pvt Ltd may be contacted, Please.