It has been the constant endeavour of the Union Public Service Commission to design the system of Recruitment in such a way that the best available talent is filtered and selected for the Class I jobs in the Government of India.

The Examinations are designed to test not only the Candidate's Subjective Knowledge, but also His/Her capability to develop a deep insight about Contemporary Complicated Issues and the ability to apply Knowledge to resolve Practical Problems.

Interactions with the Successful Candidates in the various Class I jobs in the previous years highlights the traits required of a Candidate to succeed in thse Prestigious Examinations. These could be Summarised as:

The Candidate's ability to understand clearly the Subject Matter of Scientific Phenomena of Everyday observation including new areas of importance like Information Technology, Biotechnology,Environmental Science, Current Events of National and International Importance in the broad areas of Culture, Music, Arts, Literature, Sports, Governance, Societal and Developmental Issues, Industry, Business, Globalisation,and interplay among Nations, Indian Polity and Economy,

Candidates' Knowledge of the Country's Political system and the Constitution of India, Social systems and Public Administration,Economic Development in India, Regional and International Security issues and Human Rights including its indicators, History of India in its Social, Economic and Political Aspects,it shall also include the areas of growth of Nationalism and Freedom Movement,Indian and World Geography which shall cover the Physical, Social and Economic Aspects of Geography pertaining to India and the World,

Capacity of Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude including Numerical Ability, and Data Interpretation,

Capacity to write an analytical and imaginative Essay in an impressive style,

Formulate and present His/Her answer in the most direct, logical, constructive and analytical manner highlighting the central and salient Points,

Possessing required Medical Standards as prescribed by the UPSC Notification and

Possession of a highly Positive, Cheerful, and Optimistic Outlook towards Life for success in the Personality Test.

Keeping in mind the above Requirements as the criteria of Selection, we have been continuously striving to improve our system of designing the Modules in such a manner that it would bring out the best in our Enrolled Candidates so thatHhe/She could compete successfully in the various Examinations.

We are also providing Test Series for different Subjects which will make the Aspirant understands his weaknesses in each Subject so that He/She can take Remedial Measures accordingly and thus enhance His/Her chances to Qualify in the Examination which He/She is planning to attempt in the near Future.

Every Aspirant is welcome to test your Preparedness (For the Future Class I Jobs Examinations) by attempting a Quiz which is available at our website home page Test Yourself Link (

Furthermore, We continuously seek indepth Review from our Personal Friends who are Eminent Personalities and customise our Content accordingly. This is why we suggest that our Modules are Engineered by Specialists and Run by the Professionals.